Updated August 3, 2003
I was born in Chicago in 1950. My father was a bus driver and my mother was a drafter. We lived on the southside of the city for my first thirteen years. My sister and I had a pretty good childhood spending time among Chicago's wonderful museums and cultural sites.

The Family left the Windy City in 1963 and winged our way via American Airlines 707 Astrojet to the East Coast. We established our selves in Hamden, Connecticut where we did OK for mid-west city folk of color. I attended the now defunct Sleeping Giant Junior High School and the high school with mom always there, Hamden High School .

I really only went to one museum in Connecticut. Just the Peabody Museum on the Yale campus. There wasn't the collection of museums in Connecticut like there was in Chicago. I did go to a couple of the museums in New York City but I was not able to do that often since for a junior high kid the city was too far to go alone and most of my friends were not interested in going there for the same reasons I had.
One of the more fun things we did do though was spend time at many of the various state parks in the Connecticut system.

I guess my family's bloodlines include some vagabond because we wandered about Connecticut and made it over to Newport and Providence in Rhode Island.

But too soon to be comfortable the decision was made to withdraw from the Nutmeg State and get cozier with the Big Apple. In 1966 we moved from Hamden to New Rochelle, New York.

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